Höganäs interior renovation

Höganäs Environmental Solutions LLC

Cary, NC

Höganäs AB is a Swedish multinational based in Höganäs. It is the world's largest producer of powdered metals. It develops and markets powders for customers in metallurgical industries.

The company's portfolio of products and services includes sintered components, electromagnetic applications, brazing, chemical and metallurgical, hot polymer filtration, iron fortification, friction, Glidcop, sintered stainless steel filters, surface coating, and welding.

Höganäs AB is operational worldwide through a number of subsidiaries, including Hoganas HOGAP AB, Hoganas Japan K.K, Hoganas East Europe LLC, Hoganas France S.A.S, Hoganas Italia S.r.I and North American Höganäs Holdings Inc. among others.1

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1Source, Wikipedia

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